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Business Analysis

Too pretentious? Then why not give us an occasion to elaborate where, when and with whom we proved our excellence and why we did how? Why not ask for our references 360-degrees? Why not drop a call now?.

Employing our extensive methodology tool-kit, long years of experiences and sharp-minded, well-trained analysts,

  1. We apply in a strikingly balanced and well-integrated manner  principles of disciplines ranging from the specific domain under examination to Engineering, from Business Administration to Social-psychology, and from Communications to Cognitive Science.
  2. We pay utmost importance to integrate relevant stakeholders’ contributions. We play true teamwork with the widest team.
  3. We apply  quantitative+qualitative data collection and analysis techniques proven in the field, adapted for your case.
  4. We apply  change, quality and performance management practices proven in the field, adapted for your case.
  5. We produce excellent deliverables that we promise will impress you and relevant stakeholders.
  6. We know the difference between what is for the sole purpose of documentation and what can safely be used as a crucial input to depending work agendas.

We deliver our Business Analysis services in any range between 2 levels of appointment:

A - Document AS-IS

In the simplest manner,

  • we can examine a business scope in an as-is basis and …
  • … document it with the exact qualities you define for documentation and other deliverables.

B - Develop Prioritized Scope of Work for Change

To any extent you appoint us to do,

  • we can document a business context AS-IS and elaborate its TO-BE forms ….
  • … with strategic, tactical and technical inputs/requirements from your business.
  • We can then depict the gap in between and …
  • … propose a prioritized scope of work for your change agenda.
  • Analysis awaits here for any subsequent iterations and …
  • … change planning and implementation proceed.​